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Advantages of China Making Flip Flops

Industrial cluster refers to the gathering of a large number of characteristic enterprises and associated units in a certain area, with obvious scale effect, complete functions and perfect service. The scale of industry economy and the overall development situation are the most important. The structure of Jinjiang Inner Pit Industry Chain, the market share of products at home and abroad, the construction of public service platform and other dimensions are also within the scope of our assessment. Of course, an industry needs sustainable development. We will also evaluate whether it can be expected in the future in terms of industry, innovation and development of enterprises, quality brand, intelligent manufacturing, cluster manufacturing, service manufacturing, talent training, industrial upgrading and product integration. Nowadays, the inner pit slipper industry has basically formed eight advantages, such as scale, product, regional transportation, mechanism, brand, market, environmental protection and innovation. It is believed that continuous intensive cultivation can lead to an industrial cluster of famous enterprises and towns.

The biggest characteristic of Jinjiang simple flip flops in China is that their products are full of design sense, complete varieties and good quality. Products can be liked by consumers in Japan, Europe, the United States and other countries around the world, which shows that the products of Chinese flip flops have certain advantages and competitiveness. Of course, this advantage should be advocated at present. Enterprises should make good products, exquisite products, high-end products, and change people's inherent low-end impression of Chinese manufacturing.
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