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Attentions for Flip Flops

Nowadays, simple flip flops are favored by more and more fashionable people. No matter where you are, flip flops can be seen everywhere, with various styles and patterns. But flip flops are not allowed to go in and out at will on some occasions. For example, tourists are forbidden to wear flip flops in Five Fishing Village, a famous Italian scenic spot. Violators will be fined 50 to 2500 euros (about 379 to 18958 yuan). Five fishing village is situated on the coast of Liguria, northwest Italy. It is the collective names of five cliff villages and towns. Many tourists think that Five Fishing Village is a seaside scenic spot. They come here wearing slippers. Unexpectedly, all they take are mountain paths. They are narrow and steep. Some people can't walk. They can only ask the rescue team for help and cause a lot of trouble. The National Park Administration of Five Fishing Village has issued a ban, requiring tourists to wear suitable slippers or sandals. Otherwise, they will face fines, depending on the degree of trouble caused by tourists to the administration. Chinese friends who are going to travel please put on their sneakers in advance. After all, safety comes first. Of course, we can still wear flip flops for a lot of time, such as going to the leisurely beach, going shopping and dating friends. You can look more energetic with a pair of beautiful flip flops.
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