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  • A Pair of Flip Flops that Makes Life Tender in An InstantA Pair of Flip Flops that Makes Life Tender in An InstantMay 21, 2019There is a pair of plastic flip flops, which were bought two years before going abroad and worn five years after going abroad. Its shape is very ordinary, just like the most common style you can see e...view
  • The Historical Evolution of Flip Flops: The Original Flip Flops Also Have Such Functions.The Historical Evolution of Flip Flops: The Original Flip Flops Also Have Such Functions.May 14, 2019Promoted by advocating nature and environmental protection, flip flops made of natural materials such as leather, wood, bamboo and wheat straw have become popular in China. At present, flip flops are ...view
  • Advantages of China Making Flip FlopsAdvantages of China Making Flip FlopsMay 7, 2019Industrial cluster refers to the gathering of a large number of characteristic enterprises and associated units in a certain area, with obvious scale effect, complete functions and perfect service. Th...view
  • Recalling Flip FlopsRecalling Flip FlopsApril 30, 2019When we were young, if we pedaled shoes under our feet, they would be slippers. The slippers are mostly flip flops. I heard they are made of bagasse and are as thin as paper. There's a joke about some...view
  • Attentions for Flip FlopsAttentions for Flip FlopsApril 23, 2019Nowadays, flip flops are favored by more and more fashionable people. No matter where you are, flip flops can be seen everywhere, with various styles and patterns. But flip flops are not allowed to go...view
  • What Kind of Clothes Can be Matched with Flip Flops?What Kind of Clothes Can be Matched with Flip Flops?April 18, 2019Among the impressions of most people, flip-flops are not fashionable items. At best, they are ordinary daily necessities. For example, they are easy to wear when walking near home, at least not wearin...view
  • Singapore's Love Of Flip FlopsSingapore's Love Of Flip FlopsApril 18, 2019Although Singapore is also an absolute Southeast Asian country, it seems difficult for Singapore, which has always been "tall and tall", to be associated with the " The Countrymen" under the halo of "...view
  • How To Select Flip-flopsHow To Select Flip-flopsApril 15, 2019How to choose men's flip flops?I. Seaside Holiday1.Walking on the beach and seashore, you should avoid leather and cloth when choosing flip flops. Waterproof, slippery and light rubber material is the...view
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