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Are Smelly Flip-flops Toxic?

Low-priced flip flops, the most commonly used materials for flip flops are EVA and PVC. Basically, there will be some so-called "smelly plastic flavor", which has little effect on the human body and consumers can purchase with confidence.

However, if the smell of the flip flops is too pungent, and the smell will be smoky and dizzy for a long time, it is likely to contain substances harmful to the human body.

The hydrogen chloride gas emitted by plastic flip flops has a strong stimulating effect on human eyes and respiratory mucosa, and it is very harmful to people's health. The public should be carefully selected. It is understood that there are two main sources of odors in plastic flip flops. The industrial raw materials for plastic products are mostly polyvinyl chloride. This chemical itself is carcinogenic and has damage to human liver and bone. In a high temperature environment, this chemical component will rapidly decompose, emitting hydrogen chloride gas, which has a strong stimulating effect on human eyes and respiratory mucosa, which can cause headache, nausea, skin allergy and other symptoms. In addition, some inferior plastic flip flops often add some recycled waste in production, which is also very harmful to people's health. Relevant experts from the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau remind consumers that people with skin allergies should not wear plastic flip flops, because chemicals such as polyvinyl chloride tend to cause redness, erosion or blisters. Cloth slippers, bamboo slippers and slippers made of natural materials are good choices.

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