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Attention to Wearing Flip-Flops

Cleaflip flops are good, but there are some small details to be noticed when wearing them in order to prevent harm to health.

1. Don't walk on hard roads

When wearing flip-flops for a long time, walking on uneven roads or in the field, the ankle is vulnerable to injury or cut by objects due to the loss of protection. Moreover, the soles of many flip-flops are very thin, walking on uneven roads can easily lead to foot muscle aponeurosis or fat pad damaged by hard objects such as stones, resulting in foot injury.

2.Apply some moisturizers after cleaning the feet

Clear flip flops on the back of the sole of the foot will make the heel skin hard or chapped, and long-term exposure to the air on both feet, the sun will make the water loss serious, making both feet dry and aging. So after cleaning, you can apply some moisturizers appropriately.

3.Possible foot deformations

Although the soles of clear flip flops are very soft and comfortable, the soles of most flip flops are too thin to give strong support to the arch of the foot. If you walk for a long time, it will cause fatigue of the calf and foot muscles. Even severe may cause flatfoot.

4. Watch out for "cool-drag dermatitis"

Colorful rubber or plastic slippers are very popular, especially among fashion lovers, but after wearing them for a period of time, many people suffer from "cold tow dermatitis". Therefore, when choosing and wearing flip-flops, we must be careful.

5. Don't wear it for too long

When wearing shoes with flat soles such as flip-flops, people tend to lean backward. When walking fast, the human body will lean forward, the knees will bend naturally, and the spine muscles of the pelvis and waist will change to adapt to this change. Wearing for a long time can lead to fatigue of knee joint, pelvis and vertebral muscles, as well as lower limb pain.

6.Foot soaking after wearing

If you wear a flip flop for a day, you will feel special pain in your feet. Hot water can be used to soak feet to alleviate fatigue, but also add some crude salt, soak feet for 10-15 minutes, can help relieve foot discomfort, promote blood circulation, stretch muscles and veins, improve the sense of acid swelling.
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