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Basic Knowledge of Flip Flops Bottom Materials

TPR bottom: This kind of bottom is the most common one. TPR bottom is divided into TPR soft bottom, TPR hard courts and TPR side seam bottom. The rubber soles, eleusine indica, blow molding, glue bottom called by some people can fall into this category. TPR bottom has the advantage of soft, waterproof and has a certain wear resistance. The touch feeling is familiar with rubber handle, another one is on the basis of TPR, press it into cloth, which increases the durability of TPR.

TPR bottom flip flops

EVA bottom: A lot of people feel strange, but people who travel frequently and enjoy watching Korean dramas are no strangers to it. Hotel towing is basically done with this bottom. The flip flops are also worn by many families in Korean dramas. The advantage of EVA is strong, light, easy to clean, comfortable breathe, soft and colorful. They are easy to process, easy to bond, but not easy to shed. Suitable for beach shoes, domestic leisure drag, travel flip flops, etc.

Point plastic cloth bottom: Point plastic cloth is not very popular at home, because many people feel inconvenient and not waterproof. In fact, it is very common in foreign countries, especially in American. Most of them are used in animal shoes. Japanese and South Korean also like to wear them, because they are very slippery, and they are still used in high-end hotels and hospitals. Soft, light and slippery. Cloth bottoms are made of phyletic, useful faux suede, canvas, useful and can sweep the floor mop cloth. Cloth flip flops apply to wooden floor, soft and comfortable, good cleaning, most directly thrown into the washing machine is ok. If you have carpet in the room, or is a high-grade wooden floor, or you are a women don't go out for a long time, like to nest in the bedroom surfing the Internet, so soft and comfortable cloth flip flops is the best choice. But these shoes are technically difficult and the market is small. The Chinese market does not easily operate such flip flops.

PVC bottom: A process synthesized after a layer of leather is outsourced at the end of EVA. Most of the soles of shoes are made of this material. Same point plastic cloth, EVA, cloth base, PVC base is also mostly used in Korean and Japanese flip flops. Probably because the majority of families in South Korea and Japan are wooden floor and carpet, this kind of floor flip flops is basically regardless of right and left, very convenient to wear change. So this kind of bottom is most popular in South Korea and Japan, because they cannot be contaminated with dust. When it is dirty, just rub two times on cloth to clean. However, it is not acceptable to Chinese, but its sense of feet is quite blunt.

PVC bottom flip flops
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