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Choose the Right Flip Flops

There is a root between the first and second toes when you wear a pair of flip flops, which can effectively prevent bunions and other foot deformities. In addition, an obvious advantage of flip flops is to minimize the shackles of the shoe and avoid foot pain, hammertoes and bunions. Based on the advantages of flip flops, it is suitable for casual wear. "But it's not appropriate to wear them for long periods of time, or they can be more harmful than wearing high heels." Song Weidong said. What's the reason for that? He explained everything in detail below. To sum up, everyone is important to grasp a "degree", occasional leisure wearing of flip flops doesn't matter. For example, go for a walk at home or in the neighborhood, but to walk for a long time, with the path of the uneven, foot itself have the pain, and it is better to choose the shoes which can protect foot well.

Wearing thin flip flops, the body center of gravity forward unconsciously, greatly increases the pressure to ankle, easy to cause crus muscle sprain and plantar fasciitis, over the long term, bone cartilage between the ankle and knee will be degraded as a result, leading to bone hyperplasia and even the emergence of a bone spur. The unguarded character of flip flops has greatly increased the chances of injury to the foot. The constant flapping of shoes at the back of the foot will make the heel of the skin hard and chapped and affect the beauty. Also because the feet are exposed to the air for a long time, the sun's exposure causes water loss, the skin of the feet is vulnerable to ultraviolet radiation, and become dry and old.

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