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Flip Flops Have High Ductility

Flip flops have high ductility, excellent quality, no smell and is environmentally friendly. It has light EVA tread, which is anti-skidding and wear-resisting. The flip flops have added the printing effect to make the shoes possess a feeling of freedom and comfort accompanied with the simple design. The back of the shoes is printed with a personalized logo to level up the sense of quality. This kind of shoes has a simple design, colorful matching, gorgeous color and produce a cool and comfortable feeling, leading the trend and fashion. The shoes with high-quality and top grade material are your choice for summer without a doubt.

The maintenance instructions:
1. No not contact with acid, alkali, salt or other chemical objects in case of corrosion, degumming and deformation.
2. You can scrub them tenderly and evenly. But do not brush vigorously in order not to make it break, lose color nor brush the patterns and decorative parts away.
3. After cleaning, you should put them in a cool shade to make them dry naturally. Do not expose them to the sun or bake on the high-temperature places in order to avoid degumming and deformation.
4. Avoid contacting with sharp objects as much as possible in case of scratching and lacerating the shoe body.

Flip flops have no complete design but two slender ribbons or a V shape belt for your toes. When you are walking, the shoes can not support enough vamp for you to life the slippers. You can only depend on those two ribbons. When you are walking around, you will lift the toes at the last moment of your lift process. In this way, muscles and tendons need to complete the work. In order to lift the shoes more firmly, the toes will tighten unconsciously for a long time and curl to seize the tread of the shoes. If this state lasts for a long time, it will cause tendon strain and even nerve inflammation.

Flip flops look very soft possibly, but most of their treads are flat base and very thin, making your toes to fall down overly. The feet of a normal person has a certain radian, helping us to cushion the shock when you are walking. But for wearing the flip flops, it makes you have a direct contact with the ground as if you are not in slippers. Not only can't they Fit the soles of your feet but can not give enough support for your feet. As a result, you may suffer from the aching of your heel, arch and toe. This is the reason why flattie is easy to hurt your feet. Because they are too flat. Actually, they do not as comfortable as what they look like.
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