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How Can A Beautiful Summer be Without Flip Flops?


Stroll in the sunshine beach wearing tight pants, skirts or a long dress and a pair of flip flops is the most comfortable and relaxing thing.

Flip flops are also called “toe slippers”. Just listen to the pronunciation of the words, you can feel free from the rhythm of kicking and stepping.

Some people think the biggest advantage of flip flops is "as soft as butter". Any other types of shoes are not comparable to their comfort. Thus it is loved by countless people.

 the biggest advantage of flip flops is

The history of flip flops is fairly long. Early in thousands of years ago, human used animal skins or any other materials available to wrap around their feet. It is said that the pattern of distinct herringbone shape is firstly originated in Japan. The Japanese used flat boards to make the bottom and decorated it with herringbone tape at that time. People wear it with the tape between the big toe and the index toe, which is very convenient to wear and take off. Because of its spirit of freedom and casual pattern, this kind of slippers can flourish in the ebullient South America, especially in Brazil. People there combined it with the local rubber products and made it more flexible, thus making it the world famous rubber flip flops. In Brazil, flip flops are put together with rice and soybeans in the supermarket. It has even been entitled "democratic slippers". Everyone can’t live without it from the head of the country to the common people.

Even the flip flops with the simplest design are suitable for beach or other leisure places. It matches all kinds of clothes. Simple and eye-catching.

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