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How do people wear flip-flops to match clothes?

The hot summer season is here, and you're still thinking about what to wear with a T-shirt, jeans, a long dress? Just a simple flip-flop will help you solve your problems. Flip-flops seem to be a synonym for random mash-ups. Every year, there are a lot of new twists and turns in flip-flops, and now flip-flops have become the most photographed sandals in Europe and America. Get rid of your inhibitions and bare your feet this summer.

Flip-flops VS hot pants

Cool hot pants, for those who have a good leg, it is a summer-must-kill weapon. And hot pants and flip-flops are the most matched pair. At the bottom of the reason is very simple, for general relatively flat flip-flops, show the leg skin area of maximization of hot pants to the minimum extent reduce the adverse impacts on the height of it brings. The change in the style of the hot pants doesn't affect the speed of the flip-flops.

People's flip-flops VS long skirts

Still hot dress this season and flip-flops between the match degree is very high also, of course, the reasons of the part is in dress shoes, shaded by basic nothing show room. However, even if that is the case, it is still the most unlikely pair of flip-flops. Flip-flops tie-in dress one advantage is that the design of dress, if choose the right shoes for the influence of height will reduce a lot, so under the premise of flip-flops walk up more easily also. So, when wearing a long skirt, the person's flip-flops just don't be too photogenic.

flip flop

Flip-flops vs. pants

Trousers and soft flip flops are less collaborative than hot pants. Thy only reason is at the most, based on the proportions of trousers of the outline of the scope of the lower body and legs flat flip-flops on this aspect of the support is insufficient, one thousand oneself condition is not good, so this kind of collocation is easy to expose weaknesses. But for those who have long legs, it is more casual to wear a pair of flip-flops to match the trousers, while feeling cool in the summer. If you pay more attention to styles and some small skills, it will also be good to wear.

Flip-flops VS short skirts

There is also a good rapport between flip-flops and the most common short skirts in summer. Whether it's a lady's short skirt or a retro skirt, there's a way to handle it. In order to keep them in the perfect state of mind, just be aware of style and color coordination. For example, a more casual skirt can opt for the simplest type of flip-flops, as long as the color is consistent. If it is a more prominent Bohemian or ladylike skirt, you can also consider leather or flannelette.

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