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How To Choose Flip-flops

In hot summer, the girl that loves beauty is used to wearing knickers and T-shirt. It is the best choice to wear summer flip flops sandals. The design of summer flip flops sandals is all about patterns and colors, not about the shape of the wearer. As long as its design of summer flip flops sandals are excellent, no matter how tall, short, fat or thin you are, you can have the style. It's not like big brand clothes "pick up people".

In the summer when buying flip-flops, we must first pay attention to the fine quality, soft and comfortable products.

Most brand flip-flops in the market are divided into four materials: 1. Rubber foam 2. EVA 3. PVC 4. PE

Havana flip-flops, first brand of Brazil, are made of high quality foam rubber. This kind of material is relatively expensive, and the weight of foamed rubber is relatively heavy. However, it is superior in softness. It is comfortable to wear, anti-skid effect is good. It won't deform if you wear it for a long time.

The advantage of EVA foamed sole lies in light. It is similar to foam, has good shock absorption, and it is comfortable to wear. The disadvantage is that it is relatively hard. So this kind of flip-flops are relatively cheap. The disadvantage is that it it deforms easily. It is commonly used for promotional items.

PVC flip-flops are generally made of PVC with low soft quality and density, using injection process, which is similar to the production process of various plastic products around us. PVC injection molding process is relatively more advanced than cutting EVA. The sole edges are smooth. PVC soles are heavier than EVA soles.

PE foam is one of the lowest cost of all flippers materials. It is not as durable as EVA and not as soft as PVC. Generally, PE is not chosen.
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