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How to Deal with the Friction of Flip Flops?

The Summer has arrived, the flip flops that people like to wear should also have different patterns. For people who like to wear flip flops, how to let your flip flops do not grind the feet can be a problem.

Flip flops are called "slippers". Just listen to the pronunciation of this word, the rhythm of kicking and stepping has spread some casual and comfortable feeling. Merchants say that "flip flops" will make your ankles, calves and thighs fit and do good to bodybuilding. As if Flip flops are synonymous with random mix spirit. Every year many major brands will make a new twist on flip flops. Flip flops have become one of the most photographed sandals in Europe and the United States in star shopping.

The newly purchased Guangzhou flip flops will usually have a certain friction when you firstly wear them. So how to make your new slippers more comfortable? We offer you a few small tips to make flip flops fit for your feet.

1. Before wearing the new flip flops, use a candle to rub the inside of the shoes which is easy to grind your feet. And it will become as comfortable as an old pair of shoes.

2. Stick a Band-Aid on the inside of the flip flops which is easy to grind your feet. And the problem will be solved until the flip flops gradually adjust to the shape of your feet several days later.

3. If it just grinds the feet, you can also rub some alcohol or vinegar and rub it with your hand to soften the skin.

These measures can be helpful. If your flip flops are grinding your feet, you can try to use the above methods which are to some extent alleviate your foot pain and let you easily and comfortably wear the flip flops you love!

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