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How to Dispel the Smell of Plastic Flip Flops?

Slippers have been widely used in daily life, and the convenience of slippers has benefited us. They not only protect our feet from the debris of the ground sand but aslo keep our feet clean.

In summer, some of the slippers will have a slight odor. That’s because the material of the slippers comes into the air after the flip flops are manufactured by machines. It's going to make a little bit odor. Plus from the factory to you receive, the flip flops are always packed in sealed packing, not breathable! It is normal phenomenon! Today, I'd like to share with you a few tips for reducing the odor:

1. Use concentrated detergent water to soak it for a long time. Rinse with clear water and put it in the Ventilated place until it’s dry.

2. After rinsing with water, sprinkle a little white wine.

3. Can be put in activated carbon (the kind of moisture-proof bag in snack food). It has the function of adsorbing odor.

4. Pour a little vinegar into water. Rinse with clear water and put it in the Ventilated place until it’s dry.

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