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How to Maintain Cheap Beach Flip Flops

How to maintain cheap beach flip flops?

The unique material and the beach environment bring a lot of problems to the maintenance of cheap beach flip flops. So, what should everyone do to make cheap beach flip flops wear last longer?
When wearing cheap beach casual flip flops at ordinary times, do not trample the fixed shoelace of the heel below baseboard.. Many people wear cheap beach flip flops as slippers, and for a long time, the fixing straps of the shoes will be trampled and the body will be deformed. Try not to wear beach casual flip flops for intense exercise. Like playing basketball, playing football, trying to wear special shoes, even the best beach casual flip flops can not be used as soccer shoes. When hiking, try not to step on sharp objects such as sharp stones. Avoid soaking cheap beach flip flops in the water for a long time, or put them in the sun for the sun. When camping, be careful not to let the fire bake, so as to avoid discoloration, deformation and accelerated aging. Don't lend cheap beach flip flops to people whose feet are bigger than your feet. Oh, eight people in the dormitory, you wear me, I wear you too often, but still try to avoid it. Avoid contact with chemicals such as alcohol and sulfuric acid. If it is stained with chemicals or soaked in sea water, it should be cleaned in time. If the cheap beach flip flops are dirty, they should be cleaned in time. When cleaning, be careful not to clean them with a shoe brush. Rinse repeatedly with water, then dry with a rag and let it dry in a ventilated place. If the shoe body is dropped or broken, it should be repaired in time.

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