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How to Wash Flip Flops?

It's summertime and they're back! Flip-flops. To wear a set of flip flops must make you feel much more comfortable and relaxed in summer hot days. But as a fashion part, clean and wash them well and wear them in any occasions like office, travel, shopping, kitchen and shower. Maybe they never went away. They simply went into hibernation for the winter or maybe you use them at home all year around. I suspect you know what I am talking about, but if not, they are those shoes that have nothing to hold them to your foot except a little piece of straps. Flip flops, slides or sandals, whatever you choose to call them, are the hottest trend in summer fashion footwear. Put your best forward this summer, go easy on the flip flops.

Before you get started to wash something, you must know what it's made of. There are sandals & flip flops made of a number of different materials, such as EVA, PVC, rubber, plastic, PU, leather and so on. 

If they're just the plain rubber kind, I'd throw them in with a load of laundry or wash them with laundry detergent in a sink. If they include leather or wood, or if there are any decorative features glued on, you're probably best just wiping with a damp cloth, or try different stain removers to clean. 

Here to introduce a clever way to wash the simplest flip flops:

Slippers will have sweat stains, and cleaning will be strenuous. Use baking soda in warm water for a few moments before rinsing, then brush and scrub the dirt with brush.

1.Pour the baking soda into a prepared warm water, stir it vigorously, and let the baking soda dissolve better, then put the shoes in the water for a while.

2.Take out the shoes and sprinkle more soda evenly over the shoes.

3. Brush over and over again, then rinse with water.

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