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Introduction of the Inner Bottom and Integrated Sole

1. Inner bottom:

Flip flops insole can also appear in a form of package bottoms. The difference is that the inner bottom structure is wrapped up in a big flip flops at the bottom, for example FORCE1, even within the bottom structure, and not like the sight of the appearance of the whole rubber soles, actually in the inside of the rubber soles is also with bottoms, which is also called MD in the bottom and belongs to a kind of EVA foam.

2. Integrated sole:

(1)The most common type of flip flops sole is an EVA foaming sole, the sole cost is low, and the skid is the worst. The sole of the flip flops is like roller skates. REEBOK's 3D soles are the best "spokesmen" for this kind of EVA foaming sole.

(2) PU overall sole: Neither ADI nor NIKE use this sole for many, PU sole is kind of the sole with low-temperature moldings. The characteristics of PU base are light, but it is not suitable to touch water. After encountering water, chemical reaction will occur, and a layer of corrosion will be removed.

(3) Pure rubber sole: Pure rubber soles is mostly used for outdoor mountaineering flip flops, or working flip flops, electrical flip flops. The whole sole is made up of rubber, the advantage is wear-resisting and anti-slip, the disadvantage is that the weight is too big. CAT shoes are usually used for this sole, which are also known as insulating soles.

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