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Why Do So Many Fashion-Conscious People Like Flip Flops?

Why do so many fashion-conscious people like flip-flops? The answer is simple, that is because the flip flops are comfortable. You may not be able to tolerate the warmth of other shoes in the sweltering summer heat, but you certainly won't refuse a person's word drag to cool you down. Simple as it is, but there are types; though bare, but free--that's the spirit of flip flops. Today let me introduce a few casual flip flops, the tube you will wear the slippers to fear no image, but personality! What are you waiting for? Let your feet breathe.

The black and white collocation is always that COOL. Marc Jacobs is a world of ugly doll flip flops, with cute heart-shaped touches, absolutely IN.

black and white collocation

Believe this color is gorgeous, colorful rainbow series flip flops, will show your vitality, and let you have Nice mood in this colorful summer.

The simplest and the most comfortable, with a variety of colors, you can make a bold combination to make your feet look different.

Do you have the same crush of cute as I do? Thin sole design, harmonious color collocation and comfortable wear.

Juicy 09 women's fashion shows casual flip flops are also worth recommending. The pure white vamp has a striking HELLO pattern, sloping heel design and personality.

Flip flops can also wear like a sweet lady. This kind of low heel and with patent leather flip flops, have the blue and white this 2 colors that suits summer, the bevel is decorated with fine water drill, foil your beautiful foot.

This flip flops are simple but don’t lose the individuality, the design style is contracted and elegant, with the thick background color and bright color of big dot combination, set off the fashionable concept of extremely fast recreational life.

Super LOVE PINK jelly plastic flip flops, a variety of color combinations, make your summer more colorful.

The casual flat flip flops on the velvet face give you a super comfortable sense of foot. The belt is wide and high, and your feet can be covered.

It is also a personal mixture of flip flops, red and black mass-tone collocation, and personal publicity.

The flip flops of foam material, wear light, designed with black and white striped slope, the belt is decorated with little gold hearts, which is recreational and easy.

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