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What Materials are Used in Middle Bottoms of Flip Flops?

1. I guess many people know the shoes in the bottom, which is the bottom of PHYLON, the most common in EVA. In fact, both of them belong to the same property category (engineering plastic), but why do they have different names? PHYLON originates from the United States. The earliest shoes bottom are called PHYLON, not in the EVA bottom and bottom in the PHYLON, then with the development of the footwear products, in Taiwan and South Korea, some of the big brand footwear factory source for product research and development, in the end of the name of the points more systematic, have we now call EVA in the bottom. Now I'm going to talk a little bit about the difference between the bottom of EVA and the bottom of PHYLON. 

Now the bottom of flip flops is the base of PHYLON. PHYLON has the biggest features of light, elastic and good cushioning performance. PHYLON is called secondary foaming. The base of the EVA is also very light, but the cushioning performance and elasticity is much lower than the base of PHYLON, which is much lower than the PHYLON, which is called a foaming at the bottom of the EVA. They have the same attributes, and the difference is that PHYLON is a secondary blister, while EVA is the first blister. 

(1) First foaming: Once the material is injected into the mold, the sole of the shoe after it is heated by high temperature is called the base of first foaming, which is the bottom of the EVA shoe. 

(2) Secondary foaming: After injecting the material into the mould, it is called the base of secondary foaming, which is known as the base of PHYLON. The hardness of PHYLON is also controlled by temperature. The higher the temperature is, the higher the density of PHYLON is in the process of burning PHYLON. The smaller the natural fire of PHYLON is, the lighter and softer it is. So the quality of the soles of the shoes cannot be measured in terms of weight or hardness. 

(3) Package cloth fabric bottom: Package cloth fabric bottom is also a bottom of PHYLON, but the design feeling of the whole of the designer in order to pursue a shoe-making technology, the best example of this is that the shoes in the bottom and the shoe body with the same kind of fabric, the combination of the whole, makes the shoe body and sole is also a bright spot on the shoes production process. To achieve this process is to use the selected fabric to wrap the formed PHYLON bottom, in the mold high temperature burning, becomes the LB1 that we see the base of the cloth of the fabric. 

2. Bottom of the PU: In addition to the base of the PHYLON and the base of the EVA, the base of the PU is also very common; the advantage of the bottom of the PU is that its elasticity and toughness are better. 

3. Package Bottom: Many of the shoes now have a built-in bottom structure, also known as package bottom. Like the familiar T - MAC series, NIKE FengPai series are belong to the bottom of the package structure, the package bottom from outwardly composed of outsole and upper two most, but the structure or bottoms, and shoes in the bottom surface of three parts, just wrapped in the bottom in the inside of the instep.

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