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Polyurethane Cheap Flip Flops Sole and Cheap Rubber Flip Flops Sole in Bulk, which is Better

Both cheap rubber flip flops soles in bulk and polyurethane cheap flip flops soles have their own advantages, and different materials are used for different soles.
Cheap rubber flip flops sole in bulk is a commonly used material for safety shoes. It has strong chemical corrosion resistance and physical wear resistance, and can withstand high temperatures of 300 °C in a short period of time. It is a high molecular compound which not only has high elasticity, but also has high wear resistance and flexural resistance. It can withstand multiple bending, stretching, compression without damage. At the same time, rubber also has water impermeability, Breathability, acid and alkali resistance, excellent insulation and high bond strength. The polyurethane cheap flip flops sole is a commonly used material for ordinary shoes and is light and comfortable to wear. It usually forms various bubbles in the production, and has the characteristics of elasticity, light weight and oil resistance. Its PU material, which is mainly made of microcellular polyurethane elastomer, is soft to the touch and comfortable to wear. Polyurethane sole processing is relatively simple, made by one-step molding process, without bonding, saving labor and time, not only beneficial to the health of the producer, but also does not pollute the environment, greatly improving production efficiency. Polyurethane soles are widely used in the production of casual shoes, sports shoes, work shoes, travel shoes and so on. Adhesive bonding of the polyurethane sole and the shoe upper is a good way to prevent degumming.

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