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Several Different Flip Flop Gallery Soles

The types of flip flop gallery are differentiated depending on the occasion and the performance. For example, beach flip flops are plastic, which is designed to be waterproof and well cleaned, often referred to as flip-flops. However, in winter indoor flip flops, in order to keep warm, it is possible to use fluffy cloth instead of plastic. There are also anti-static slippers commonly used in electronics factories and dust-free workshops.

First: TPR sole

This kind of sole is the most common. The TPR sole process is divided into TPR soft sole, TPR hard sole, TPR side seam sole. And many friends say rubber sole, beef tendon sole, blow sole, and adhesive sole, all of which can be classified as this category. The advantages of the TPR sole are that it is soft, waterproof, has a certain degree of wear resistance, has a rubber feel, and one is based on the TPR, pressed into the cloth, increasing the durability of the TPR.

Second: EVA sole

Hotel flip flops are basically made of this kind ofsole. The advantages of EVA sole are: firm, lightweight and easy to clean.

Third: Cloth sole

There are many types of cloth soles, such as suede, canvas, and mop. The cloth soles are suitable for wooden floors, soft and comfortable, and are easy to clean. Most of them can be thrown directly into the washing machine.

Fifth: PVC sole

It is a process that is synthesized after the EVA sole is covered with a layer of leather. Most of the sole of the outer seam shoes is made of this material. The same as plastic cloth sole , EVA sole, cloth soles, PVC soles are also mostly used in Japanese and Korean flip flops.

Sixth: other

There are also many fabrics that can be used on the soles, such as leather, but this is not common and is also a luxury, so we won't say much.

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