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Singapore's Love Of Flip Flops

Although Singapore is also an absolute Southeast Asian country, it seems difficult for Singapore, which has always been "tall and tall", to be associated with the " The Countrymen" under the halo of "the only developed country in Southeast Asia". In fact, Singaporeans are loyal supporters of flip flops, and even do not lose out to other countries, because they will wear flip flops "rise" for a living attitude.

It is worth mentioning that Singapore, which has a large number of Chinese, is greatly influenced by Hong Kong and Taiwan, and more often referred to as flip flops. Walking on the streets of Singapore, if you see a handsome man in windbreaker and sunglasses, but he is wearing flip-flops, please don't be surprised, that is the normal dress of Singapore fashion boys. Singaporean girls also love colorful flip-flops. Beautiful girls also sanded their feet before going out, repaired their toenails, and ensured their feet are in the best condition to show off their most beautiful flip-flops.

In China, more manufacturers are paying more attention to the quality of products and new styles. Generally speaking, flip-flops are divided into rubber and EVA, which are more popular. Comfort, doing all kinds of printing, as well as the lightweight style has become the advantages of these two materials. The herringbone shoelaces can also be made of PVC, rubber or ribbon. Customize a different pair of flip flops according to customers' preferences.
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