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The characteristics of beach slippers

There is a beach near the water, so beach flip flops womens are a beautiful scene. Why do people go to the beach to stay true to the beach slippers? The following is a detailed explanation of the characteristics of the beach slippers.

Ergonomically designed shoes, which can be adjusted to fit all types of foot guests, are light, soft and cushioned. The soles are extremely resilient and durable; spacious shoe space; Anti-mildew, deodorizing, breathable, waterproof, wet and dry, no matter whether rainy or wild. And the anti-velvet and suede leather is not slippery when soaked in sweat and rain, making it the preferred fabric for many beach shoe designers.

beach flip flop

Beach slippers are made from two parts, shoe and sole. The part of the shoe is made of polyamide or polyester fabric, and its advantages are that the shoes are elastic, not easy to absorb, and can reduce the resistance of water when swimming. Shoes need part is equipped with fastening belt, its function is to can make the concave part of the beach shoes with the soles of the feet to tightly stick together, forming an organic whole, make the shoes and feet more effectively reduce the resistance of feet when swimming. At the bottom of the foot with soft ultra-thin rubber soles, its function is to prevent the Marine animal shells or hard stones injured foot, also can make the wearer's experience on barefoot on the beach.

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