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The Difference Between Classic Flip Flops And Ordinary Slippers

Flip flop, a casual, convenient and cool shoe worn in summer. Because its angle design is very similar to the form of Chinese character Ren, it receives its name, Ren Zi Tuo. It is a kind of slippers, which refers to the shoes without heels and only with the front shoe head, most of the slippers are with the flat sole, their material is usually quite light soft leather, the plastic, the cloth and so on. It includes the flip flops, the slippers with cross straps , the slippers with straight straps and so on. It can be seen clearly that the biggest difference between classic flip flops and slippers is the different structure.

In addition, many people think that flip flops are more fashionable than ordinary slippers. That's because the flip flops are full of free spirit and casualty, they have been warmly welcomed by designers and applied to various fashion shows. Both domestic and foreign fashion stars such as Wang Fei,  and the world's famous Hollywood stars like Miley - Cyrus, Ashley - Simpson like to wear them, which makes a large number of young people like the flip flops very much.

Compared with the ordinary slippers, the flip flops have infinite possibilities of creation though they are simple in structure. The flip flop is integrated into the popular elements such as color collision, pearls, broken drills, printing, rivets and stripes. It is very fashionable and personal, and it is the fashion in summer.

In collocation, compared with ordinary slippers, flip flops are more fashionable and can collocate with more clothes. Whether they are different skirts, hot pants or even a suit, they can all put on together, showing the leisure atmosphere. Wearing flip flops can also appear on various occasions, whether going out for a walk, shopping, beach playing or gathering, it is always the best choice.
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