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The Material of Bulk Kids Flip Flops and Its Necessity


Many elderly people think that the baby should wear soft soft-soled shoes, especially those who have just learned to walk. But in fact, the baby's feet are extremely unshaped. Wearing soft-soled shoes while learning to walk is not only easy to flatten, but also easily causes bone deformation and affects foot development. Therefore, when choosing shoes for toddlers who are just learning to walk, you should pay attention to the fact that the upper should be light, soft and breathable. The sole should have a certain hardness. It should not be too soft. It is best to bend the front 1/3 of the shoe and after 2/3 of the shoe is hard to bend. The heel should be slightly higher than the arch to adapt to the natural posture and the sole should be wide.

Kids should wear bulk kids flip flops and should not wear adult flip flops.

It is because that kids wearing adult flip flops may infect tinea pedis. The doctor discovers, the tinea pedis of a few children in outpatient service is infected with contact with parental flip flops. Although children's skin is not conducive to the growth and reproduction of superficial fungi, the chance of infection is relatively small, however, some parents of tinea pedis prevention awareness can cause infection in children.

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