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The Origin of Flip Flops

Flipflops are also called "flip-flops". Just listening to the pronunciation of the word, the rhythm of kicking and tapping has spread a kind of casual and free. Businessmen say wearing "flip flops" will make ankles, legs and thighs more symmetrical and will play a wonderful role in leg fitness. Doctors say wearing "flip flops" is harmful to health and can cause joint pain, ankle sprain and a series of foot problems. The debate is still going on, but the conclusion is not yet reached. Therefore, flip flops, representing fashion, freedom, liveliness and happiness, are still young people's favorites.

The earliest record of flip flops shoe in Chinese history is in Han Dynasty. In Dongfangshuo's Suo Yu, Zeng recorded: "In the Spring and Autumn Period, Jiezhi fled from his fortune and died holding a tree. Wen Gong Fu mu lamented, and then he thought that Qiao. The first slippers were made of wood, so the wooden slippers were also called "clogs", "pull boards" or "gutta boards". "Gu Da Baner" was first prevalent in the Northern and Southern Dynasties of China. Xie Lingyun once transformed it, so it is also called "Xie Gongqiao". Li Bai's phrase "On Xie Gongqiao's feet, climbing the green ladder" in "Goodbye to My Grandma in Sleep Walking" refers to the wooden flip flops shoes. Jia Baoyu often wears these slippers in A Dream of Red Mansions. The history of flip flops can be said to be quite long, as for the later development of flip flops is Japan and Brazil. In addition to the typical Japanese wooden clog flip flops, Brazil's colloid is the most comfortable.

Clear flip flops, which are full of free spirit and casual feeling, are very popular with designers and are used in various fashion shows. On the other hand, although the structure of transparent flip flops is simple, it has unlimited creative possibilities. Illustrators and designers can freely create canvas with simple zigzag and flat soles. Ordinary consumers can even freely create their own canvas by matching zigzag and soles freely in color to create a personal design exclusive. And a pair of finished flip flops can also be re-created freely by pasting various decorations. How can such "liberalism" prevent the growing number of advocates of transparent flip flops?
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