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What are EVA Flip Flops?

EVA flip flops are the flip flops the soles of which are made of EVA. So the slippers the soles of which are made of EVA are called EVA flip flops.

So what kind of material is EVA?

EVA is a new kind of green plastic foam material, with advantages of good cushioning, shock resistant, heat insulation, moisture-proof, and anti-chemical corrosion as well as non-toxic and non-absorbent. EVA rubber and plastic product are designed to be machined and formed, and its shockproof performance is better than traditional foaming materials such as polystyrene (foam), which are in line with environmental requirements and are the best choice for export products. It can be cut and formed relative to shock proof packaging. Because its density difference is bigger, it can be more extensively used.

What are the characteristics of EVA?

Water resistance: closed bubble hole structure, non-water absorption, moisture proof, good water resistance.

Corrosion resistance: seawater, oil, acid, alkali and other chemical corrosion, antibacterial, non-toxic, tasteless, pollution-free.

Processing: easy to carry on hot pressing, cutting, coating, adhesion and other processing.

Shock resistance: resilient and tensile strength, strong toughness and good shockproof/cushioning performance.

Thermal insulation: heat insulation, heat preservation and cold and low temperature performance, can withstand cold and exposure.
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