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What are the General Materials of Flip Flops' Outsole?

The material used for flip flops’ outsole, to be simple, is crude rubber or synthetic rubber.

1. Crude rubber: Crude rubber is outstanding for its good softness and elasticity, and fits for all kinds of sports’ needs. But its disadvantage is that it is not wear-resisting. Most sports shoes are made of crude rubber for indoor sports.

2. Synthetic rubber can be classified as wear-resisting rubber, environmental protection rubber, air rubber, adhesive rubber, hard rubber and carbon rubber.

(1) Wear-resisting rubber: The wear resistance and tenacity of this rubber are excellent, for which it’s very durable. Generally, this material is used for the outsole of sand shoes.

(2) Environmental rubber: It is also called reclaimed materials rubber. The outsole made of this kind of rubber contains 10% recycled rubber at most. The main goal is to make it environmentally friendly.

(3) Air rubber: The rubber contains air which has a certain function of damping but is not wear-resisting. Thus, it is not widely used.

(4) Adhesive rubber: The characteristic of adhesive rubber is its good tenacity. What’s more, it is very anti-skidding. It is commonly used in manufacturing sports shoes for indoors.

(5) Hard rubber: Hard rubber is the most all-round one in outsole rubber material. It is durable, anti-skidding and wear-resisting. So it can be widely used. Mostly, it is applied for the outsole of multi-functional shoes and basketball shoes.

(6) Carbon rubber: Adding carbon into common rubber material is to make rubber tougher and more wearable. Many running shoes are made of this rubber. Also, in the back part of soles of running shoes will mark with letter BRS to show that this outsole is made of carbon rubber.

3. Glue outsole: This kind of outsole is not very common. The original material applied for it is industrial glue. After mixing by blender, put it into the mould and go through hot briquet-ting. Its features are soft and anti-skidding.

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