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What Is Flip-flops

Flip-flops, is also known as toe nipping flops. There is a sense of rhythm of kicking and kicking,walking in it. Especially when the temperature is hot, in order to liberate the feet, it is very enjoyable to wear simple flip-flops feeling the cool from the feet. Generally speaking, flip-flops are mostly worn by boys, so they are the standard accessory for every boy. Although it is very popular, it is only suitable for informal wear and it is casual, so it is not recommended to wear it in some more formal occasions.

AISIMAN is a professional slipper manufacturer specializing in design, manufacturing and sales. At present, people's living consumption level has been improved. A pair of comfortable flip-flops has become the necessary shoes for young fashion groups for travelling and staying at home. Some of AISIMAN's flops are designed with non-slip treatment. The stability of supporting walking is great. The soft elastic bubble rubber pad supports the heel well. Sole is made of rubber, with soft close skin, and don't have the disadvantages such as grinding the foot. Wearing AISIMAN flip-flops are a comfortable experience. You won’t feel tired when shopping, travelling for a long time. Now, come to our company to design a exclusive fashion flip-flops tour for you.
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