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What is the best way to wear flip flops healthily?

Many people like to wear flip flops in summer, but long time wearing flip flops can damage the bones and tendons. What is the best way to wear it healthily?

1. Wear one hour at most

Wear one hour at most

Flip flops may cause harm to the feet, it doesn't mean people can't wear flip flops, just don't wear them to walk over a long period of time. After more than 1 hour wearing, people should have a rest, so don't wear flip flops when travelling. The other thing to note is that the flip flops should be replaced in three to four months and should be replaced if the soles are worn out and skew.

2. Hot water soak feet

Hot water soak feet

If you rush about a day, feel very tired and sore foot, you can swap coarse salt in hot water to make a "foot bath", 10 to 15 minutes is enough. It can help relieve the foot discomfort, promote the blood circulation of the ankle and calf, stretch the channels, and improve the stiffness of the lower limbs.

3. Foot massage

Foot massage

If you still feel sore feet after hot water bath, you can also do a self-service foot massage. Apply a moisturizing lotion to your hands and feet first, and then use your hands to cross the arch of your foot, do not massage the pain in your feet.

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