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What is the maintenance of the slippers

The slippers are made by the indoor slippers, which are worn indoors and should be worn outside. In particular, PVC, the sole of EVA, basically after you wear out a few times and they will be worn out. The following is a detailed explanation of the slippers from the dream of princess in Dongguan.

Waterproof and moisture-proof

Note waterproof and moisture proof, even the bathroom slippers should not be placed in damp environment for a long time. They should be kept in a cool ventilated place. Fluffy slippers should be worn basically three days, and then should be taken by dust, in the sun, to keep dry and comfortable. Don't burn the sun but reduce the amount of washing.

moisture-proof flip flop

Carefully wash

Some of the slippers are made out of cardboard, such as sewn shoes, and the slippers of the bottom, which should be carefully cleaned.


Put hard slippers after cleaning in special shoe ark in autumn to avoid extrusion deformation, in next early summer after two times of cleaning before use. When the cotton slippers are cleaned in spring, it is better to have a newspaper with camphor in the inside of the shoe, moisture-proof and anti-decay.

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