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What Should be Noted for Wearing Flip Flops in Daily Life?

Flip flops are a summer staple. No one knows that how many centuries have passed since it is invented, maybe in ancient times. Flip flops are easy to wear, comfortable and cool. Most people love to wear them. So how much do you know about wearing flip flops?

Some people wear flip flops at home for a long time, which is bad for their health. Because most flip flops are flat and have flat heels, which can change human bodies’ posture and center of gravity and cause the uneven distribution of foot load. For elderly people, especially older women who are physically obese, wearing flip flops for a long time will let them feel fatigued and cause their arches to sink. For this reason, you should wear a pair of ordinary cloth shoes with heels or sloping flip flops. The best height is 2. 5 cm.

What Should be Noted for Wearing Flip Flops in Daily Life?

In addition, be careful not to mix flip flops up at home. Try to make sure that every person has a pair of flip flops. Mixing flip flops up is the main cause of skin disease in the foot. And if the weather is hot, bacteria are more likely to spread. It is learned that in many families each family member is not provided with a pair of flip flops in accordance. If there comes a guest at home, giving a guest a pair of flip flops to wear randomly is customary. Mixing flip flops up is easy to spread tinea versicolor including vesicle, leaching, scaly keratinization and other tinea versicolor.

People are easy to be infected with tinea versicolor after taking part in social activities like having a bath, pedicure and so on. After returning home, they may pass the tinea versicolor to others through foot basin, flip flops, clothes washing. Especially when mixing flip flops up, the infection risk is the highest. Especially during the summer, the flip flops should be regularly cleaned and disinfected. Do not change your shoes when guests come. You can give a shoe cover to the guest. It is good for the both sides.

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