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When Choosing Flip Flops, Pay More Attention to Their Comfort and Safety

Flip flops account for more than half of slippers market at present. For consumers who choose flip flops, actually flip flops still has a little impact on health. So experts warn consumers that they cannot simply look at style when you buy flip flops, and more attention should be paid to the comfort and safety. I'd like to share some information with you today. 

Liu Yongguang said that the normal foot had certain radian, arches, it makes the body's gravity from ankle from the metatarsal bone forward scattered small head, back to heel bone, to ensure the stability of vertical foot support. Arch plays an important role in the buffer shocks, but the majority of flip flops sole design is completely flat, and very thin, the foot will eventually excessive to cave in and can't suit the soles radian already so, also can't give enough support to feet, which could lead to painful heel, arch, and toes. 

Liu also stressed that the flip flops have only two thin strips, or a "v" band that crosses toes. When we walk, we can only use the power of our toes to "clip" the two straps so that the toes become tense and curl up unconsciously. This warped state lasts longer, causing tendons and even nerve inflammation in the toes.

Don't keep your distance

In the interview, Sichuan province People's Hospital surgeon determine Zhou Ji said that the flip flops could make the body center of gravity forward unconsciously, greatly increase the pressure on the ankle and is easy to cause crus muscle sprain and plantar fasciitis. Wearing flip flops for long periods of time can make your calves and joints ache. The constant flapping of shoes at the back of the foot also stiffens the skin. Because the feet are exposed to the air, the skin can become dry, even cracking and bleeding.

But Zhou, who also owns two pairs of flip flops, said: "people don't have to stay away from flip flops, but they can't hang out all day long." Everything is moderate, and it's best to wear a couple of kinds of shoes for your health. He suggested that flip flops should be replaced in three to four months.

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