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You Have to Know How to Distinguish the Materials of Sandals

The flip flops which are made of plastics are very common, and maybe you wear them every day. But these plastic materials seem to have many problems. How to distinguish the material of flip flops? Today, I, as an editor, will share something relevant with you.

How can consumers judge the materials about the flip flops? At present, the flip flops on the market are made of several kinds of materials, including EVA material, blown material, plastics material and bubble material. Generally, the flip flops in the shopping mall are composed of EVA material and blown material. Thus, the flip flops made of these two materials are the mainstream in today’s flip flops market. The flip flops made of EVA material are rather light and soft moderately. In addition, it is anti-skidding and wear-resisting. Many threads of sports shoes are made of this material. The flip flops made of Blown material are much heavier than EVA ones. However, the shoes made of EVA are much softer. They are comfortable to wear. If you still do not know how to distinguish EVA and blown material’s flip flops, please remember that which is heavier is the flip flop composed of blow material, while the lighter is EVA flip flop.


Plastic flip flops are familiar to most of us. And they are the earliest ones appearing on the market. Plastic flip flops are relatively smooth and bright. But compared with other materials, it is much rigid. It is the same as the material which is used to make plastic basin and plastic bucket. The bubble flip flops are commonly seen on the stalls in the street because this material is very cheap so that the lip flops are also not expensive which sell well. But the flip flops made of this material are the worst among all flip flops. Bubble slippers are out of date now and they are easy to distinguish. The most direct way is pressing them by hand, they are easily caved in because of their lightness.

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