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Eight Ways to Prevent Stinky Shoes

Eight odor removal methods for womens flip flop sandals:

1. Put some alcohol in your shoes with cotton. After one night, the alcohol will evaporate and the odor will be removed. You can wear it again the next day.

2. Put quicklime powder into a small cloth bag every night before going to bed, and put it into womens flip flop sandals to absorb moisture. Lime bags can also kill bacteria in shoes, can play a certain role in removing the stink of shoes, can be used repeatedly.

3. The simpler way is to sprinkle salt in womens flip flop sandals, which can absorb sweat and deodorize.

4, you can buy some spray like deodorants on the market, spray a spray every day in shoes, which can relieve the smell of shoes.

5. Use a slightly hard paper to wrap the camphor balls and stuff them into shoes, or crush the camphor balls and evenly sprinkle the powder into the shoes. Put insoles on them. A pair of shoes only needs about a camphor ball. This will keep the interior of the shoe dry and remove the odor of the shoe. Camphor pills have good bacteriostasis and can kill bacteria that multiply in large quantities because of humidity.

6. Aluminum also has a deodorizing effect. Aluminum powder can be sprinkled into shoes.

7. If you put your shoes in the shoe cabinet instead of wearing them, you can put a piece of soap beside them to deodorize them.

8. Wrap some dried tea with glass stockings and stuff it into sneakers. It has the functions of cleaning, disinfecting and volatilizing odor.

Through the above-detailed introduction, I believe you have a clearer understanding of the specific methods to prevent shoe odor.
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