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Flip-flop Queen: She Spent 20 Years Turning Flip Flop Garbage into Art, Saving the Ocean and Benefit

The huge damage caused by plastic to the ocean is hard to write, but the scope of plastic waste is not only as simple as our common beverage bottles. Plastic flip-flops that we usually like to wear are also one of the big categories. The number of flip-flops that human beings discard every year exceeds your imagination.

Julie has been engaged in environmental protection for 20 years. When Julie first set foot on a marine nature reserve in northeastern Kenya in 1997, she was once shocked by the local marine pollution.

The sandy beach, which should be delicate and soft enough for children to run around, is filled with all kinds of disgusting garbage, most of which are carried by ocean currents from all over the world, and the amount of garbage is increasing as the tide of the sea rises and falls.

Julie was deeply saddened by the evil effects planted by the civilized world and the simple people on the other side of the ocean. She was also determined to help the local people change this bad environment.

One day in 1998, Julie was recycling beach garbage as usual. Suddenly, she found some local children picking up waste slippers in the garbage heap to make small toys. The colorful ones were unexpectedly not ugly.

She was immediately inspired. Because in East Africa, rubber slip flops are the second largest and most difficult source of pollution in the marine environment. And these slippers are bright in color and huge in number. It is better to use them as toys, which can not only reduce garbage but also make money to improve the lives of local people!

So she began to encourage local women to recycle used slippers and organize local young and middle-aged people to wash, polish, process and make toys and crafts. In the same year, Julie founded Ocean Sole, the Kenyan Marine Conservation Organization, in the hope of expanding the process.

Ocean Sole was founded to provide jobs and stable incomes for low-income Kenyans, as well as education and meals for those in need. In such a team full of love and human care, Ocean Sole is neither like a company nor an organization, but like a warm and harmonious family!
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