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Flip-flops Are A Standard Daily Accessory In Southeast Asia

Summer flip flops sandals are not just for southeast Asians. In other Asian countries such as China, Japan, there are many people love to wear it. Even in Europe and America where dress is more orthodox, summer flip flops sandals are also being accepted.

But like southeast Asian people, they wear their summer flip flops sandals as a standard part of daily life, or even make it into traditional clothes. I'm afraid there's no other place besides southeast Asia.

People in southeast Asia love to wear flip-flops. But if a "favorite" has to be chosen, the Burmese will win easily. Myanmar is a country where flip-flops are worn by men, women and on all occasions. In formal occasions, people are still used to wearing leather shoes in countries such as Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, etc. This is different from Burma.

Although they are not worn on formal occasions like the Burmese, Indonesians are actually quite fond of flip-flops. Indonesia is located at the equator and is the "land of ten thousand islands". Compared with other southeast Asian countries, Indonesia has a hotter and humid climate. They like to wear flip-flops due to the climate. An Indonesian friend told reporters, many rural Indonesians once tend to wear flip-flops shoes and sneakers like the Chinese, their feet rot over time, and they're more comfortable wearing flip-flops or going barefoot. And in Indonesian cities, even in southeast Asia's largest city, Jakarta, there are people walking barefoot.

Although Singapore is definitely a southeast Asian country, it is hard for Singapore to be associated with "lower-class" flip-flops because it is the only developed country in southeast Asia. Singapore's reputation as a high-class nation seems to be hard to associate with low-class flip-flops. But singaporeans are also big fans of flip-flops. They don't even lose to other countries. They will wear flip-flops and rise to an attitude towards life.
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