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How to Avoid Grinding Your Feet at the Pinch of Flip-Flops?

Girls love to wear womens flip flops and sandals in summer, but sometimes they buy Womens flip flops and sandals which are unsatisfactory. The most common problem is the pinch. When they try shoes in the shop, they don't feel any discomfort. Under the salesman's promotion, they can't resist the temptation to buy a pair of womens flip flops and sandals.

People who wear womens flip flop sandals walk shorter. This leads to more stress on the body because you have to take more steps at the same distance.

After wearing for a period of time, I feel that the pinch is not very comfortable, and even some grinding feet. At this time, we can not take it lightly. If we are not careful, it will cause foot arthritis. What should we do? With a small amount of toilet paper, wrap a few circles around the foot clips of flip-flops, then press the towel gently with your hands, pay attention not to wrap it too thick, then wear it slowly, try every means to press the towel in your feet, do not show any trace of beads, in a word, do not affect the overall beauty.

It feels a little tight now, but it won't grind your feet as much as it used to. Attention should be paid to the change of paper towels 2-3 times a day outside the clips of flip-flops so that they are hygienic and won't be infected with germs.
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