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Black Flip Flops

The black flip flops are filled with low tech low-key feeling, and high level sense. The black flip flops can be purely black, or paired with a variety of styles of clothing, such as some fancy colors for casual beach dress. Black flip flops, as the traditional flip flops, are the most popular in the European and American markets, suitable for men, women and children.

Flip flops, which are full of free spirit and casual feeling, are popular with designers and applied to various situations. Although the structure of flip flops is simple, there are infinite possibilities for creation and designs. Illustrators and designers can use simple word buckles and flat soles as free creation of canvas, and ordinary consumers can even freely create their own. And a pair of finished flip flops can also be made by pasting various decorations, such liberalism, how can not let the advocate of flip flops grow stronger!

How to maintain the beach slippers and sandals?

Unique material and the beach environment, has brought a lot of problems to the beach slippers maintenance, then, how should we do to make beach sandals wear longer?
1. Try not to wear beach sandals to do the intense exercise. Like playing basketball, football.
2. Do not tread on the sharp stone and other sharp objects on the step
3. To avoid beach sandals in the water for a long time , or on the sun exposure
4. For camping, do not let the fire roast, to avoid color bleaching, deformation, and accelerated aging.
5. Avoid contact with chemicals, such as alcohol, sulfuric acid, stained with chemicals or soaked in water should be promptly cleaned.
6. Beach sandals dirty should be promptly cleaned, avoid washing with shoe brush, but repeat wash with water rinse, and then wipe with a rag, put to dry in ventilated place.
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