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Recalling Flip Flops

When we were young, if we pedaled shoes under our feet, they would be slippers. The slippers are mostly simple flip flops. I heard they are made of bagasse and are as thin as paper. There's a joke about someone who can't stop his bicycle downhill, so he has to stretch out his feet to help, and when he stops, he finds a big hole in the sole of his shoes. Adults, too, wear slippers, go to the streets, work, meet visitors, go to the fields, wear them in summer, winter, day and night. The reason why slippers are popular in Chaoshan Plain has always been a controversial topic among folklorists. There are theories on hot weather and economic benefits. I think that saving money is one aspect, mainly comfortable, especially flip-flops,free to swim. After we went to high school, the school had a clear rule that students should not wear slippers to school. The purpose of course was to maintain the image of key middle schools, but the students ignored it. When doing morning exercises, we should take off our sandals and slippers and put them aside. In many cases, slippers are quite deterrent. In the streets and lanes, adults are often seen peeling off their slippers quickly, teaching naughty children lessons, and seeing my little companion flying around, while his father or mother is holding up their shoes and chasing after him. Who would have thought that over the years, wearing slippers, especially flip flops, has become a fashion in the city, free access to the hall of elegance!
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