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Teach You How to Wear High Heel Flip Flops without Hurting Your Feet

As a fashion queen, high heel flip flops are indispensable fashion equipment. But you may become a fashion victim.

On the contrary of the "beauty" of high heel flip flops, you may face the following major injuries:
Sprain ankle, serious muscle, blistering cocoon, hallux valgus, toe deformity, plantar fasciitis, back and knee pain, etc.

The following clever processes can keep fashionistas wearing their favorite shoes:

Change shoes: Do not wear the same shoes every day. High heels, flat soles and shoes with satisfactory support can be changed.

Relax your calves: When you sit at your desk, you can take off high heel flip flops, twist and expand your calf muscles. If you are at home, you can use a yoga pole to help relax your tight calves.

Change Flatfoot: For shoes without arch support, you can buy small accessories to support the arch and fix them in your shoes to help you improve the adverse effects on your feet. Similarly, some accessories that help eliminate heel contact and relieve sole impulse can also be used.

Anti-skid soles: Many beautiful high heel flip flops can make you fall and sprain more easily because the soles are too slippery. At this time may as well add a more peaceful rubber sole, shoemakers will let it not affect the beauty. This cheap adjustment will give you tremendous advantages.

Stretching massage to avoid plantar meningitis: Take off your shoes, do a good massage, step on a tennis ball on the sole of your foot, and roll it back and forth, massage each foot for 2-3 minutes, it can be a good end to stretching and massage.
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